Why Hire Us?

Why Choose Tanner Creative?


Tanner Creative has been in business since 2000 – we have been around longer than most other web firms.  Some of our very first clients from over a decade ago are still with us!

We also enjoy a proven track record of being selected as the primary firm to handle over 500 projects. Our services have been utilized by television personalities, major league baseball teams, record labels, churches, oil companies, photographers and many more.

Please read the survey results from our clients to learn why they chose us over our competition:


money Lower Cost

The cost was significantly lower than the competition offering the same level of website development…Our small business clients have reported on numerous occasions the price quote from our competitors offering the same level of service and development as us have provided them with a quote of between 2 to 12 times higher than our quote!*

*Not to be confused with the thousands of sub-par, one man web shops that charge a few hundred dollars for websites that do nothing for their clients.



secretNo Surprises

There were no surprises throughout the duration of the project…Many of our clients have chosen us after picking a ‘cheaper’ web design solution which failed miserably to meet their expectations. Among the top three frustrations they had with their previous provider, was lack of communication and the level of difficulty trying to understand where in the project they were, thus leading to failed expectations. Our clients have reported a high level of satisfaction from being able to quickly and easily view progress, to insure that there are no surprises. We have sign-offs for phases, and have a special url for you to view progress to make sure everything is on track at any given time.



editsite Easy to Maintain

Their web project was surprisingly easy to maintain and manage…Our clients have called us after the project was finished just to thank us for such great tools. They have been very pleased in the ability to manage mailing lists, edit pages, add new pages, link in video, audio, flash and build forms with ease. This gives our clients the edge over their competition, as they can utilize our tools to target their prospects with pin-point accuracy using the web!



cc Flexible Payment Options & Accept Credit Cards…

Yes, we take credit cards. In addition to this, for higher priced projects, our clients have appreciated a monthly break-down of cost to help accommodate their budgetary needs.



response Response Time…

Tanner Creative’s response time was second to none…The Tanner Creative response time in terms of support, feature additions and progress updates has been reported as being far above average among the industry standard. Customer service is held in very high regard!



credibility Credibility in the Marketplace…

After doing exhaustive research, our clients have noted that they trusted us to build their website because of our credibility in the marketplace.Many have done this by talking to our existing clients, viewing our portfolio & testimonials and discovering our work has received national recognition through various publications (newspapers, trade magazines, press releases and more).


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