Using Your Website to Sell Effectively


Have you recently made an online purchasing/hiring decision for a job that you initially knew very little about?  If so, what prompted you to make the decision you did?  Was it price alone, or was it based upon your research?

Having a website tailored to your customer’s needs is necessary more than ever.  Many times, a website that merely tries to just “sell”, ends up doing nothing at all.  If you are taking notes, pay attention to this next statement:

“Educating your prospects is what brings in sales!”

Out of all of the Internet audience out there, approximately 98% of the “window shoppers” are just gathering information, or … window shopping.  They are looking for someone (you!) to educate them about the specific service or product that you have to offer to them. You can find a good example here:

Lets look at 2 fictional websites to better illustrate what I am saying.

Maria’s Catering has a website that clearly shows that she offers catering services.  The website gives prices and pictures, which is fine.  She is competitively priced, and does beautiful work.  The problem is this – most of her website visitors are not ready to hire anyone!  They have been online for a while, and are looking to be educated further, before making the decision to reach out to her.

Maria’s Catering offers no educational information at all.

Antonio’s Catering, on the other hand, has a website that also shows he offers competitively priced catering services (though, he is more expensive than Maria). His work is fairly comparable to Maria’s Catering.

The difference, however, is Antonio understands that those who go to his website are not completely ready to make a decision to reach out yet.  Because of this, he uses his website to go one step further, and educates his prospective customers on all the ins and outs of catering.  He also gives them tips.

This helps out Antonio’s Catering in a few ways.  Number one, it automatically positions him as an industry authority, and thus gives him an edge over his competition.  It also shows him as someone willing to help, instead of being one of those countless other catering companies that is only in it to sell.  Antonio has given his company a unique advantage:  His customers will no longer come to a buying decision based upon pricing.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful if that were true for you as well?

Is your website memorable?  Does it provide compelling information and useful tips for your prospects?  If you already have a website, take a look at it through the eyes of who you are trying to target, and make adjustments as necessary.  If you do not currently have a website, build it with your customer in mind!