The Heart of an Entrepreneur


Why do I love developing websites so much?  Firstly, because I absolutely love the fact that I own a successful website development firm.  One that I know all of my clients have hand picked me to do business with over the thousands of other website developers in the world.

Secondly, because I am an Entrepreneur, and the vast majority of my clients are Entrepreneurs as well.  Simply put: I am passionate about being an Entrepreneur, and I am passionate about helping other Entrepreneurs to be more successful.

Yes, we are a very strange breed.  Many times, you can tell if you have the Entrepreneurial spirit very early on in life.  Let me give you an example.  As a child, I was very much so into baseball cards (still am!).  While the other children were busy playing in their yards, plotting against how to get back at the icky neighborhood girl, I was building my inventory.

At the ripe age of 9 years old, I had a mail order business selling baseball cards to others all across America.  Yes, I had a thick stack of index cards, by which I kept meticulous records of who I sold to, how much I received and what my inventory was.  Much of this died off in my teen years, when I discovered girls weren’t so “icky” after all 🙂  But guess what!  It came back roaring into my system and by the time I was in my 20’s, I was running my own operation.

Instead of selling baseball cards however, I was developing high quality websites for businesses all across the country.  Being that my dad was a business owner as well, it helped a tremendous amount in terms of realizing how much better it was to work for yourself.  He never told me though, that you never did get away from having a boss.

The main difference is that instead of working for someone else and having one boss, if you work for yourself, you have 100 bosses (your clients!)

But I digress – let me get back on track here, and clarify something:  You do not have to necessarily be born with the Entrepreneurial spirit.  At least immediately, anyway.  It could have been born from working 60 hours a week for “the man” and waking up to the realization of “Wait a minute!  I can do this on my own, and make 5 times as much doing it!”

Instantly, the Entrepreneurial spirit is born. Yes, the painstaking worker is now on a mission.  His/her thoughts are dominated by being “the man” instead of answering to him.  The worker grows more and more resentful about his/her position and simply cannot get the thought out of their mind that they are being under paid, over worked and they need to do something about it NOW!

Though, I do not work exclusively with this crowd, I do take much pleasure in helping these people out.  You see, for them, I am just what the doctor ordered.  What is the #1 problem businesses face when starting up?  Lack of customers!  It makes me … okay, I’ll say it … giddy, when after the first year of business, that a client can come back and say their success was largely due to the website I built for them!

What is not to like about my position?  I help others succeed in life, and I get paid to do so. 🙂