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My personal email journey has had many twists and turns over the years.  I started out with Microsoft Outlook Express.  From there, I went to Outlook.  I started out having all emails in my main box.  This didn’t work too well, as I would end up having TONS of emails in one folder.  This is not ideal at all for organization, and searching reasons!

My first quantum leap in email management involved me taking the time to create several folders – I named each folder the name of my client.  I also had some other folders:  “Personal”, “Leads”, “Third Party Support” and so on.


This was a TREMENDOUS help in many, many ways. However, as time went on, and my emails got into the several thousands, Outlook starting choking up.  I was very worried, and after a quick search, I found lots of people had actually lost their emails due to the sheer size of their outlook file (the older version anyway)!  This was terrifying to me.


Another thing that I had just started getting into was a smart phone.  I loved the idea of having a smart phone to check my emails, but it was limited only to receiving new emails.  I had heard that you could do an Outlook Exchange server, but did not want to get into something like that.


Then, I found out that you can run email from your own domain name through Google’s Google Apps.  In doing so, you don’t really have a size limitation, and you can check your email from anywhere, as well as have the ability to search your old emails.  Plus – it’s free!


If you find yourself in the same conundrum I was in several years back, check out Google’s solution.  You will be glad you did.


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