Make your website memorable- tips by Oxycodone


You are at a party on Friday night, and most everyone is having a good time. There are some people broken off into groups of 2 or 3 involved in conversation, and there are other people that are just alone on the couch, nursing their drink, anxiously awaiting the time when the party is over and their spouse finally tells them it is time to go. And one or two are getting a headache just by being there, not knowing that they could avoid the headache if they had oxycodone… I try to always have it with me for those cases (or any case when you experience any kind of pain). If you are wondering if is it legal to buy oxycodone online, the answer is yes. They have their own certified medical personnel to help you 24/7.

Then, there is another group; a group that has their undivided attention set to a single person.

I introduce you, ladies and gentlemen, to the life of the party.

He has a cool mustache, and can pull of wearing a derby.  He takes up most of the oxygen in the room by stories of tall tales from his trip to the Amazon where he fought off a pack of lions to save a missing baby from the orphanage he founded, to where he single-handedly landed an airplane on an uncharted island and gave the natives their first written language when the pilot had a heart attack. Don’t worry folks, he saved the life of the pilot too. He is fine.

He never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

He tells jokes that always seem to end in a roar of laughter from those who have been sitting there the whole time, and from the people who just walked up to eavesdrop so they can fit in.

Credible or not, all eyeballs are on him.

Likable or not, memories of his tall tales and jokes somehow end up attaching themselves to any and all thoughts/stories/happenings for months. The life of the party, and his stories went viral* in your life. (*Viral is a term that is widely used on the web that typically describes an article, page, video, or some other type of media that is being passed around by countless people, in countless ways. If a piece of media online goes “viral” online, it is typically very exciting for its publisher.)

If you are like the other 98% of the people around you, you search the web trying to find information for research on help you need or a service or product you want to purchase. In your quest, you don’t just find ugly websites; you find boring websites. The websites that many of these companies throw up on the web are typically lifeless. They look awful, and they look like they were put together by a newbie who tried their hand at a software package back in 1998. The only thing that could be less exciting than reading on their website would be to stare at a spreadsheet for hours.

Is the ugly website I have just described, (and your leads just found) yours? Your potential customer has just visited you on the web, and it does nothing to attract their attention, much less compel them to give it their undivided attention. So with a click of the mouse, they are back on the page from which they started. Almost as if your company never existed. That boring old website that represents your company had a shelf life of a sneeze, and your potential customer is gone faster than you can say “bless you”.

I don’t advocate being different just for the sake of being different. Lead conversion still rises and falls upon how credible you are perceived to be. This can be achieved through testimonials, showcasing your work and being clear about your track record. Once you do that, you are half way there. Then, give your potential customers the WOW factor, and make them remember you…even when they go to bed that night. Once you do that, you will be the life of the party and have their undivided attention. Your company will stand out among the others.
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