Instant Help for Those Drowning in Projects


Okay, so your new Tanner Creative built website is doing well for you.  So well, in fact, you have so many new customers coming you don’t know what to do with yourself!  Dare I say it – even if by some other means your business is flourishing, you may or may not know how to properly manage multiple projects at one time.  For those of you who find it difficult to stay on top of everything, keep reading.

Do any of these scenarios plague you more often than you would like for them to?

  • You wake up with a cold sweat in the middle of the night thinking “Oh no!  I forgot to wrap up customer x’s project!”
  • You call someone about a fairly urgent matter, only to get their voice mail.  A week later, you remember – remember that they never got back to you!
  • You have a difficult time keeping in touch with prospective clients.

If any of the above describe you at any given time, then now is the time to start managing your projects properly! Not keeping lists and notes of your projects stops working after you routinely have to deal with 3 or more projects at once.

This is called Cowboy Project Management, and it will leave you in a world of hurt.  Ideally, you would have a robust project management system custom built for your company to keep track of everything online.  This way, you can potentially grow your employees into using it, as well as your clients. What a great way to go!

You may not have time, or the energy to go into this just yet (you do, after all, have a loaded to-do list to see to!) For a grass-roots, instant style project management system that you can use right away, try this simple approach:

Crack open your notepad (paper & pen  or your computer program) and write down three headings:

Items to do

Waiting to hear back from

Underneath the “Items to do” heading, you would want to write in what needs to be done, by whom and the date.  For the “Waiting to hear back from” heading, you do much of the same.  You write who you are waiting to hear back from, what they need to tell you, and the date.

Here is a working example:

Items to do

Widgets R Us Brochure Design – Alex P – 1/25Logo Creation for Amy – Grady F – 1/27

Waiting to hear back from

Apples & More – Design Quote – 12/18
Roberto Limo’s – Application Quote – 1/15

This can give you a taste of how much more simple life becomes when you have multiple projects, and are able to effectively manage them.  The trick is to continually keep an eye on this list throughout the day.

Something else I have found handy is to put these dates in a calendar like on Google, and even use the Google tasks section.  That way, you can check your list from anywhere!  Speaking of Google, here is a link for email organization that will help you as well.

As your number of projects grow, you will find a more robust system with help out a lot more – especially if you start hiring many employees. Enjoy!