Church Websites and the Volunteer Problem


If there is one common theme I have seen from church to church, it is the volunteer problem when it comes to website maintenance.  If you are someone who has something to do with your church’s website, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

A good intentioned volunteer steps forward and builds you a website.  It looks decent, you say to yourself, but it isn’t something you are overly excited about.  No worries though – after all, it was free!  Days, weeks and months go by.  Your snappy and willing volunteer becomes … not so snappy – that is to say, he/she starts churning out updates at a snail’s pace.

Your service has changed times from 9:30 to 10am.  This happened 5 weeks ago, and no word from your volunteer!  Your poor pastor’s stomach churns each Saturday night, hoping and praying that no one sees the false information on the website.

I hope I am not sounding harsh towards your volunteer.  Volunteers are wonderful, generous people with a servant’s heart.  One thing to remember is that the volunteer likely has a family, friends and a job to tend to, which ultimately paints you in a position to where you don’t want to push too much to get the updates done.

It is starting to sound kind of like a lose-lose situation, doesn’t it? If you don’t have a budget to hire a web firm to build you something powerful, request from your volunteer the ability to make updates on your own.  They will need to build in some sort of WYSIWYG editor into your website that is password protected.

If you do have some sort of budget, a web firm to build a website with such capabilities would be powerful to allow for your staff to update the website.  Or at the very least, put less strain on your volunteer for updating, and make sure you are not fully reliant upon your volunteer to make an update if he/she is busy … you can just log in and make the change yourself!